Said the Whale - Miscarriage Lyrics

Miscarriage Lyrics by Said the Whale

When you bled out blood like it was both of us
and I held your beautiful body
When you put on a brave face for my family
and we had Thanksgiving

And I'm thinking how happy it seemed my mother was
When she thought that I'd be a father
How we gathered our friends around
and broke the news like a couple of fools

Tell me how to act,
All I wanna do is make it alright
I want to tell you that you're beautiful
And everything is fine
And when the heartbeat slowed down slowly
I want to tell you that it's natural
And everything in time
And that we'll always be a family
No matter the design
And I'll always save a dance for you
At the end of every night

It's already our tomorrow
And the midnight sun it'll drive us home

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