iLoveMakonnen - Call Me Badly Lyrics

Call Me Badly Lyrics by iLoveMakonnen

She callin' me
Yeah, Yeah, ah
She callin' me

She callin' me badly
And I been treatin' sadly
I see you fuckin' cryin'
About me every night, but
She callin' me badly
I got her goin' sadly
She's out here fuckin' stalkin' me
Every single night

I didn't meant to do you wrong, no
But, I was feelin' so wrong
Trying be with you babe, ah
I have goin' state to state

Callin' me daddy
Say you needed me badly
Like you just wanna hold me
Every single night
And I got you sadly
I see you fucing cryin'
You steady callin', whinin'
And you can't tell me why

I didn't meant to do you wrong, babe
So I'm gon' sing it in this song, babe
Cause, I didn't meant do you wrong, babe
So I'm gonna sing it in a song, babe

You callin' me badly
I got you feelin' sadly
I see you out here cryin'
Every single night
I know, I did you badly
Its got me feelin' sadly
Like your the fuckin' one, girl
That's always on my mind

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