Dusky Ft. Wiley - Sort It Out Sharon Lyrics

Sort It Out Sharon Lyrics by Dusky
(Ft. Wiley)

I could live for the sound, one show to your speakers
You don't know other way, but you're no speaker
Tell soul line to the line, I'm a street kid, street up from a preacher
But I've got another job, listen to my teachers
If you're on my radar I'ma gonna peep ya
How bout? Nobody's in for my team
Pussy n money won't fulfill your dreams
Telling ya, I'm so whack and nobody's explaining ya
I hate cause, now I'm looking for a payback, stay back, stay back
'Cause I've seen your idiot training
So, I got all of this other payback
You can take that? Are you take that?
Are you roll in the street? Never straight back
When I said I feel strong like Rocky
Go brother, never needed asap
I'm at the top, and I ain't gonna change that
Before the art it's there, so I chase that
Told you rude boy, there's a ?? in your mind

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