Rockie Fresh - I Just Might (Freestyle) Lyrics

I Just Might (Freestyle) Lyrics by Rockie Fresh


[Verse 1: Rockie Fresh]
See I just might be a sleeper
I just might be a dream
I just might be workin
I just might be the king
I just might pull up and smoke witcha, and show you shit you ain't seen
I just might
Motherfuckers better get it right, show you where we livin' life
Look, it's crazy when you think about what could happen
So many ways we could look at it, really ain't trying to be taken backwards, and I got no time for these new actors
Tryna get a role in this movie shit, in which I like to call: My Life
But I just might be the next number one nigga, now. Every move making them think twice
And not only that but I got to think about Price. Not as far as money, but the cost of my life
Cause right now I mean something its a 4 on 1 and my team comin'
[?] got me, [?] got me, [?] got me, I'm straight
[?] gave me a couple thousand like young homie just wait
And I do it there, I told momma [?] and I'm going for everything. I be fucking bitches til the wedding ring, I swear my wife gon' be a Queen
Now I just might take her to Rome. Just might count a cool hundred thousand, while I'm getting some dome. Like what the fuck am I on?
And it's been a long time comin' but I'm still runnin', trying to get straight to the top of this shit
Oh you think I be dropping this shit? I promise I really got love for this shit. I got love for the fans, and I love taking pics, I got love for the bitches that love doing dick, I got love for the money that never will switch, I got love for the keys and that's shout-out to Mitch

[Outro: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah... Yeah
We just might the leaders of the whole free world...

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