Outasight - Life of the Party Lyrics

Here is Life of the Party Lyrics by Outasight

Woah, oh
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Woah, oh

We the life of the party (life of the party)
And we just getting started (just getting started)
And to be honest, imma push off everything til the morning
So hold all calls (brrring!)
Im catching a vibe
My only advice, don't play yourself, man, and we feeling too nice

We here in the moment
The music is taking control
Wherever we goin' is bout to be outta control
Your always invited, come over for the show
I know you're ready to be
Life of the party
Everybody singing low
Life of the party
Soon as i walk in the room, they [?] the life of the party
Woah, oh
They [?] the life of the party

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