Dominique - Good Girl Lyrics

Good Girl Lyrics by Dominique

When I was a young girl,
I gave my whole heart to the highest
Punished myself when I went astray
Begged to be molded back into place
Then I came into the real world
And I never struggled with loneliness,
It was just impossible to break my habits

Shout out to your model American
Tried so hard to be not fucked up
Played by the rules like it mattered
Now I don't even know what's right

If I could be born again,
Give me a god that's been just made up
Say that he gives a decision
So I don't have to be the good girl

As I'm lookin' back on my life,
I see I always tried to fake some edge
As if my black make-up could cover up
The cleanest parts of my conscience

I always stayed away from guilt
Or anything that could provide it,
Couldn't live with the chance of being convicted

The good girl, always the good girl,
What will it take to make me break?

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