Ca$h Out - I Luv It Lyrics

I Luv It Lyrics by Ca$h Out

[Hook: x2]
You know I luv it, my niggas luv it
These bitches luv it, the rest all luv it
The plug, I luv it, the drugs I luv it
I saw you get it, this is wid it

[Verse 1]
The drank above it
The kush is musty
The Porsche is uh
I drop a top on 'em
This a hoof tho
Boy, you not on it
Say you trappin' down
Where yo spot, homie?
I'm fillin' the shoe boxes ova the rest
I'm puttin' the cilinders all in my gas
You and me baby just servin' it bad
My killas gon' really need you in a tab
I was the one who gon' hold on the gat
I was the one who gon' pop all the tags
I was the one with the serve and the pass
I was the one cruisin' through with a choppa
Hang around drug dealers, thug niggas
THis shit that I love, nigga
I love sellin' drugs, nigga
I luv countin' racks, nigga
I luv flippin' packs, nigga
This shit a good habit
I see it, I grab it

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 2]
Cop a foreign, call my jeweler
Call my plug, I'm a thug
I'm showin' luv but niggas hate
I'm just caked up, with this cake
All this designer, all of these bitches
All of the money, all of my niggas, they wid it
I know that these niggas be robbin'
I'm puttin' the money on fader
Caps, all of the money come in here too fast
Can't sit in the trap
Money on my mind, money on my mind
Even when I take a nap, you gotta be dedicated
You gotta love it, you gotta hug it
Put that on everything, yeah I love it
How you feeling, dawg? Pockets bulging
How you feeling, dawg? Smoking mustard
How you feeling, dawg? Bitches love me
How you feeling, dawg? Yeah I love it

[Hook: x2]

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