Young Thug Ft. Nicki Minaj - Danny Glover (Remix) Lyrics

Danny Glover (Remix) Lyrics by Young Thug
(Ft. Nicki Minaj)

[Intro: Nicki Minaj]
I got somethin' for you lookin'-ass niggas
Week and a half, I'mma be in that ass... pause
It's like I'm working on an album and a mixtape at the same motherfucking time!

[Hook: Young Thug]
Okay cool, okay bool I love her
I'mma save her, yes, like Danny Glover
I'mma call my papi for her fuckin' mother
I pass them a molly, now they kiss each other
Every time I fuck I gotta hit me least like 2 bitches
Boy that dope he whipped, you need like new wrists
Foreign car outside that bitch got 2 digits
Money stand like 8 feet just like 2 midgets

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Who the fuck told you that Young Thugger Thugger gon' fuck up the beat
I got six cars and I also got rentals and all of 'em tinted
No I'm not Nipsey, not from LA, but I got keys to the city
I fuck it, I suck it, I beat it down then she beat me to the ceiling
Stoner my lifestyle, I'm living too wild
I came to make you proud, that money keep her around
In love with her head, I can't turn it down
Can't wait for my time to come back around
She see that you don't got Lil Hades' style
Plus I just seen Snoop on girl goin' wild
I just bought a Bentley and a bitch came with it
Young rich nigga hittin' million dollar licks
Ballin' in New York like the motherfuckin' Knicks
You better have them racks you ever want to hear me spit
And everywhere I go I pass like a staff
I'm goin' off top like a motherfuckin' lay up
357, six shots like Al
I left 10 bands in a mu'fuckin' cab

[Nicki Minaj]
Every time I come out I ain’t never with no new bitches
These bitches is stealing, I'm-a sue bitches
Dripping down his dick, this pussy too vicious
Every time I fuck him I say "who's is it?"
(Yo!) Who the fuck tell them that they was like Nicki? Oh no, bitches didn't!
I'm-a give bitches a minute of shine then I'll tell 'em good riddance
To raise a child, it might take a village
But I would't know cause these bitches my sons; yes, they was, and they still is
Gave him the kitten, now that nigga smitten
Told him to hop in my foreign and then I said "no, I'm just kiddin'!"
Hell of a livin', you bitches on chitlins
When I come out of my mansion I sprinkle some bread to the pigeons
Bitches is lyin', they lyin', they lyin', they lie in they bio
So I ain't fuckin' with chickens unless I got pico de gallo
Girls is plottin', what more could they steal?
Tell Justin Timberlake that I am comin for Jessica Biel
Bitch I'm a star-rah, you niggas, I holla tomarrah
Doors go up cause I am too rich to cop a Gallardo
No regular doors, on Aventadors
Painted it pink just so I could take pictures while you rented yours
Hell of a ticket, hell of a price
I want it, I get it, I wire the money, I never think twice
I am not gay, but let's be precise
Cause if she pretty, then watch it cause I'm-a be fuckin' ya wife

[Hook: Young Thug]

[Verse 2]
I knew I was gonna run my money up and everybody didn't
All these niggas pussy niggas, tellin' on they partner
Hope the pussy nigga get a bigger sentence
Pussy nigga play, I'm comin' back with the K
And I'mma shoot that motherfucker 'til he livid
Bitches wanna see a nigga thumb through his bands
I'mma name myself Young Thugga tenant
100 bands at a time
I fronted you bands but you-
I don't like using profanity but the Young Thugger will cut you
All of my cups are muddy
I fuck my bitches' buddies
I just want nut like Buddy
All of my bitches buddies
Panamera with the tinted roof
All the niggas dogs going, "Roof!"
Top notch shawty, nigga we ain't gon' care
Young nigga rich, jewelry colder than the attic
If she ain't a virgin then that bitch is only average
I can't even hear ya baby, get rid of the static
I can't learn a bitch, but I learn mathematics
I just ball her down whenever she call my pattern

[Hook: Young Thug]

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