M.I.A. - atTENTion Lyrics

atTENTion Lyrics
by M.I.A.

Hey, hey, hey


The fullest attempt in my intent is to let you know what is important
My existence is militant cause my content bangs like it’s potent
Distant to the pollutant, never hesitant, always consistent
I back it up, yeah I’m very blatant
Don’t try to copy this cause I patent
Runnin on the streets causing tentsions
Running through, running through, running through
Runnin on the streets causing tentsions

Hey, hey, hey - atTENTion!!!!
Hey, hey, hey - atTENTion!!!!

Got to see my life from a distance
For instance, my friends say I act tense
I’m a refugee from a yellow brick tent
Past TENT present TENT and future TENT
Above all is a long walk like a sentence
And its intent breaches its instant
We go the distance to presidents
Throw atTENTion about my tent

Things fall on my head like we’re mutant
So don't drop that ball on that ????
We’re aliens but we’re not mutant
We tent after tent - a camp tent
There’s 36 chambers in my Wu tent
We slang tent in benitent (?)
While you dancing in your Loubou pant
We be makin tent, out ya curTENT

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